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Senior Web Application Developer

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Avue Technologies Corporation

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Full Time
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February 14, 2019
Avue Technologies Corporation
University Place, WA
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Bachelor's Degree

About Avue Technologies Corporation

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Contact name
Ellin Bursese

Job description

Determine and identify high-level functional and technical requirements on the basis of
interactions with the client and user community and knowledge of enterprise architecture. Design architectures, including the software, hardware and communications, to support the total requirements, as well as to provide for present and future cross-functional requirements and interfaces.

Interact with project management to plan project schedules and technical direction. Provide quality
assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software products. Develop high-level
system design diagrams for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation. Develop
and implement moderate to complex web applications on one or more platforms.


•     Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Science and Systems, or related major, or
equivalent practical experience

•     U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) with authorization to work

•     Willing to undergo a background investigation

Technical Skills

•     Solid understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the online environment

•     Experience as an applications programmer on large-scale database management systems

•     Proficiency in Java, Object Orient Programming Principles, fundamentals of the JVM

•     Understanding of Test-Driven Development and ability to implement high-value unit and
integration tests.

•     Experience with GIT and full-featured Development IDE such as Eclipse or Intellij

•     Problem Solving, ability to research and analyze technology problems, issues, and  project or
program requirements, using a variety of sources including APIs, System Administration Guides,
audit logs, and utilizing Search Engines to research problems and solutions

•     Knowledge of computer equipment and ability to develop complex software to satisfy design

•     Ability to plan and execute work individually and on a team.

•     Ability to work in a fast-paced, agile environment, managing multiple projects and  delivery

•     Experience with Microsoft Office software, PowerPoint, Excel, Word.

•     Attention to Detail

•     Customer Service

•     Ability to communicate in writing

•     Oral Communication

Preferred Skills

•     Knowledge of front-end/client-side web programming languages, technologies, and concepts,
such as HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, cross-browser compatibility, multiple delivery platforms,
Responsive Design, and Web Accessibility concepts

•     Good understanding of Web Services protocols such as REST, SOAP and API design for
extensibility and portability

•     Knowledge of SQL, database design, development, management, and integration with application

•     Knowledge of computer applications programming languages, such  as JSP, JSTL, Velocity Macro,
XML, properties files, and scripting languages like BASH, Perl, Python

•     Knowledge of information systems security operations, techniques, and concepts, including
XSS, SQLi, encryption, input sanitization

•     Knowledge of the principles behind a scalable application and agile development

•     Has mentored junior software developers on design patterns, development best practices and
DevOps trade-offs

•     Understanding of emerging web and mobile development models

•     Experienced with technologies necessary for Internet applications: HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP,
POP/SMTP, etc.

•     High scalability projects involving cloud-based infrastructure design and implementation

•     Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development skills

•     Successful track record of developing quality software products

•     Experience debugging distributed systems with high data loads

•     Deep understanding of distributed data model


Web Applications Programming and Testing 25%

Analyzes and develops detailed logic, testing, and debugging procedures for computer system
applications where  specifications set forth application features, such as interface requirements,
inputs, outputs, sequences, and edit criteria. Working from requirements approved by a higher-level
specialist, engineers applications software and writes and maintains code. Translates, compiles,
links, tests, and debugs programs according to detailed requirements. Uses programming languages to
create applications and automate standard management and analysis functions.

Develops and maintains program documentation and test plans.  Serves as a member of task groups
that prepare the specification and design of components of new or revised application areas. Writes
portions of the report.   Coordinates with the Quality Assurance team  on the testing of tickets
and promotion of changes throughout the Software Development Lifecycle.

Tasks include:

•     Assists in generating programming code  for applications with established code  maintenance
protocols, including Avue Coding Style Guidelines, FedRAMP, Section 508, and Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG).

•     Uses programming languages to create applications and automate standard management and
analysis functions. Includes: Java, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, BASH

Information Systems Security 20%

Participates in defining information technology (IT) security requirements; assists in implementing
and supporting IT security applications.  Participates in identifying and writing specifications to
meet IT security requirements at the application or network server level.

Analyzes and defines security requirements for new software applications by reviewing technical
specifications, performing risk analyses and assessments, identifying potential security risks, and
recommending program modifications to ensure implementation of proper  levels of security. Assists
in ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of IT systems through  full compliance
with Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)  requirements, the Federal
Information Security Management Act, related NIST standards, and Avue IT security policies and
standards.  Assists in evaluating the current  system security posture.

Serves as a system or application security administrator, providing for various controls including
software licensing, virus protection, user access, and audit control and monitoring.  Implements a
system security awareness program with such elements as security training, bulletins, and briefings
to foster an awareness of information resources security.  Monitors system access to detect
suspicious or unauthorized activities. Implements and maintains a security incident response
program including procedures to respond to computer viruses, unauthorized system intrusions, and
other emergencies that may limit the availability of computer resources.

Installs, configures, initializes, and/or  maintains firewalls to protect  the network  from
intrusions, threats, and compromises.  Sets up and configures firewall logs.  Monitors firewall
services and initiates action in response to attempted intrusions.

Conducts integrated analysis of multiple audit logs, e.g.,  firewall, Web server logs, identifying
violations and recommending corrective actions.  Participates in drafting information systems
security documentation, such as systems security plans, risk assessments, disaster recovery plans,
business continuity plans, and user security guides.

Develops and/or  implements routine security procedures to be used by project officers, systems
programmers, operations personnel, and/or  managers at all levels, such as establishing user
accounts and passwords.  Works with senior IT security specialists on the more complex aspects of
the IT security program.

Tasks include:

•     Implements and configures functionality within the Information System for access controls,
audit logging, data  protections, encryption, non-repudiation, etc. in accordance with the Avue IT
security policies and standards. Participates in writing specifications to meet  IT security
requirements at the application or network  server level.

Administration of Information Technology Systems 15%

Performs work involved in maintaining the functionality and availability of the system, such as
maintaining, optimizing, and troubleshooting server hardware and software.  Reviews server loads
and recommends load balancing.  Assists with server installations.  Monitors systems performance
using performance-monitoring tools.  Identifies and corrects common problems and refers higher-
level problems to a more experienced specialist.  Schedules, monitors, and verifies system back-ups
and restores files.

Works closely with customers to determine when service activities will be least disruptive. 
Provides customers with information and instructions concerning maintenance and servicing of the

Assists with the configuration, upgrade, and maintenance of hardware, peripherals, and software
applications to ensure optimal system performance.  Identifies and specifies business requirements
for new or upgraded computer hardware and peripheral equipment.  Evaluates options for hardware
within pre- determined specifications for capacity, unit number, and compatibility requirements.

Tasks include:

•     Independently analyzes and troubleshoots common problems, such as monitoring systems
performance. Collects background information from a variety of sources and applies standard
analytical techniques in reviewing data  and investigating specific technology problems. For
example, resolves administrative or program-related IT issues where  multiple variables and
stakeholders’ interests are factored into recommendations.

•     Assists with the configuration, upgrade, and/or  maintenance of hardware, peripherals, and/or
software applications.

•     Receives, responds to, and ensures the complete resolution of a variety of customer requests
for IT assistance, including examining malfunctioning hardware, carrying out actions for immediate
remedy, or recommending cost-effective solutions. For example, responds to all types of help desk

Database Design and Development 15%

Coordinates and implements database designs and modifications of design characteristics in response
to performance problems, changing requirements, or new design methods.  Develops data models. 
Produces database designs for integrating source data  into data  management systems. Ensures
compliance with data management standards and recommends new or modified standards to increase
efficiency.  Describes the organization, format, and database content. Documents standard data 
elements within the logical structure.  Determines physical storage requirements based on analysis
of volume, size of records and files, expected growth, access methods, and available data 
compression methods.

Tasks include:

•     Modifies systems and database configurations to correct  problems affecting the
confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

•     Coordinates the implementation of database designs and modifications of design
characteristics in response to performance problems, changing requirements, or new design methods.

Information System Performance Tuning 15%

Executes a variety of routine utility functions.  Uses commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) management
tools and utilities in monitoring, optimizing, and managing application, database, or client
components of the application.

Implements procedures for running timed or scheduled events such as bulk email processes, to avoid
impacting end users. Troubleshoots issues and resolves problems by identifying the most likely
problem sources and recommending solutions, such as problems related to corrupted data, memory
exhaustion and consumption of disk space.

Tasks include:

•     Provides support and assistance in monitoring and optimizing application, database, or client
operations and applications.

IT Research and Analysis Work 10%

Researches and/or  analyzes simple IT project-related issues or problems, such as system errors 
and code stacktraces indicating software bugs or failures.  Determines pertinent issues and
collects relevant information from a variety of sources. Reviews information and applies standard
analytical techniques.

Researches solutions from a variety of sources, including User Manuals, Avue Configuration
documentation, Google, StackOverflow, other  StackExchange forums, and Apache forums.

Tasks include:

•     Assists in identifying and specifying business requirements for new or upgraded computer
hardware or peripheral equipment. Develops basic specifications.

•     Conducts research for a project designed to solve a procedural workflow problem with internal
or external users.

If you are interested, please email your resume to

Avue Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.