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Educational Interpreter, ASL/DHH

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Tacoma Public Schools

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Part Time
Posted on
November 01, 2018
Tacoma Public Schools
Tacoma, Washington
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About Tacoma Public Schools

What we do In partnership with parents and community, we will provide a comprehensive educational experience that is rigorous, individualized and enables students to contribute to a changing and diverse world. What we want to be We will be an outstanding school district in which all students exhibit high standards of achievement and critical thinking skills, and are socially responsible, contributing members of their community.

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Lily Dahlgren

Job description

Tacoma Public Schools is seeking qualified candidates to fill several immediate openings for Educational Interpreters.

To apply, please visit: 

This position performs sign to voice and voice to sign interpretation in the classroom and other educational settings to meet IDEA and ADA and other legal compliances; to facilitate communication between D/deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) students, teachers, staff and members of the community; may perform instructional activities under teacher guidance, and may facilitate the education of D/HH students.

1. Coordinates daily activities for the Interpreters at the assigned building/school; works together with the Interpreter Services Coordinator to ensure daily assignments are filled including, but not limited to, the before and after school activities for the purpose of facilitating communication activities.

2. Interprets all communication and dynamics between individuals who are D/HH; uses appropriate modes of communication to ensure students, and/or teachers and/or community members understand the communication; provides visual access to auditory information in the environment; adapts signing for diverse needs and abilities for the purpose of facilitating communication.

3. Interprets information, lectures, discussion, classroom activities, school meetings, trainings and conferences and communicates relative information to the Interpreters at the assigned building for the purpose of providing communication access and facilitating communication.

4. Prepares, previews and studies subject matter being taught or presented, such as lesson materials, handouts, and films to research vocabulary and ensure appropriate terminology applicable to the subject or to the forum for lectures or assemblies for the purpose of ensuring that a clear interpretation can be provided.

5. Adapts interpretations to the varying and diverse needs and abilities of students, and/or teachers, and/or community members to objectively express the tone and mood of the speaker as well as the content of the material; can clarify as necessary to facilitate understanding for the purpose of ensuring that a clear interpretation can be provided.

6. Provides interpretation for various other situations, such as assemblies, field trips, meetings, test administration, phone calls, music, extra-curricular activities, and sports events; interprets informal conversations with students and staff during unstructured time as necessary for the purpose of providing communication access.

7. Supports and assists other staff by modeling positive interpersonal skills; participates as a team member for planning and reviewing daily activities, attending in-services and information sharing for the purpose of optimizing the staff and student participation in the educational environment.

8. Provides District staff with information regarding the interpretation process and the responsibilities as Lead Interpreter as well as needs and concerns of individuals who are D/HH for the purpose of creating a positive Deaf friendly climate.

9. Adheres to appropriate District guidelines for confidentiality and professional behavior.

10. Collaborates with Teachers of the D/HH, other classroom teachers and other school staff to provide the optimum educational opportunities and in keeping with IEP requirements for the purpose of optimizing the staff and student participation in the educational environment.

1. Remains current in the field through involvement in professional activities and continuing educational activities, as directed.

2. May participate in the educational team to support education of students who are D/HH; may perform tutoring duties under supervision of designated teacher; may attend meetings related to responsibilities of Lead Interpreter.

3. Performs related duties as assigned.

Substantial requirement to listen closely and concentrate on sign language; confined to work station for prolonged periods; occasionally required to deal with distraught students; may be required to sit, kneel, or stand for prolonged periods; may be required to work outdoors; may be required to work extra hours as Lead Interpreter.


High school graduate or equivalent and completion of an Interpreter Training Program; an EIPA rating of 3.5 or above and/or RID certification is preferred; or any combination of experience and training which provides the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and ability required to perform the work.

Knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of interpreting for the D/HH.
Knowledge of Deaf Culture and education techniques.
Knowledge of educational interpreting and related vocabulary is desired.
Skill throughout the sign language continuum.
Skill with interpreting for individuals who are D/HH, teachers, and community members using a high level of fluency for various educational and cultural backgrounds.
Skill in effective process, problem solving and organization.
Ability to work without direct supervision.
Ability to obtain, clarify, and exchange information.
Ability to interact with people who are deaf and hard of hearing in a warm, confident and culturally appropriate manner.
Ability to remain flexible and to adapt to changes in work site location, environment and/or schedules.
Ability to set priorities and coordinate activities.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Ability to participate as a team member and promote teamwork.
Ability to promote understanding of Deaf Culture and hearing loss.
Ability to demonstrate reasonable, reliable and regular attendance.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of people in a multi-cultural, diverse socio-economic setting.

Completion of Interpreter Training Program.
RID and/or EIPA assessment score of 3.5 or above preferred.
As of 2016, an EIPA score of 3.5 or above will be required by Washington State law.

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