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Compliance and Facility Security Officer

Contracting DoD/Military
Evergreen Fire and Security

Job Summary

Full Time
Posted on
April 09, 2018
Evergreen Fire and Security
Tacoma, WA
Years of Experiences
5 - 10
Career Level
Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff), Executive (SVP, VP, Department Head, etc)
Education Level
Certification, Bachelor's Degree, Professional

About Evergreen Fire and Security

Commitment to customer service and quality work performance – a simple formula perhaps, but a successful one that has been enabling Evergreen Fire and Security to continue exceeding expectations since its founding in 2000. Before Evergreen’s founding, the dynamic duo destined to be the driving force behind Evergreen Fire and Security’s long-term success were following different paths. UW alumni Jonn Forslin started his small business doing general contracting. His first big break came when they were awarded a contract to test and maintain the fire alarm systems at Fort Lewis, Washington. Meanwhile, retired fire chief John Burgess was also performing work on the base’s fire alarm systems. His successful career in the fire department and experience with life safety services provided him with invaluable inside knowledge of what it takes to ensure a properly functioning fire alarm system – one that the base could rely on to protect lives and property. When John Burgess & Jonn Forslin combined forces and created Evergreen Fire and Security (Evergreen), they knew they were onto something special. Their combined talents, resources, vision, and commitment made a winning combination that has enabled Evergreen to increase their customer base both in the Government and Commercial sectors. Under their guidance and leadership, Evergreen's owners have created a small business that has earned a reputation for quality work, exceptional customer service, and reliability. In 2001, Fort Lewis turned to Evergreen to see if they could also help them with their failing MDI security system. The previous contractor wasn’t performing up to standards and the base needed a company they could trust and rely on to get the job done. Evergreen immediately attended training and earned certification directly from the manufacturer, MDI. Evergreen’s owners soon had the MDI system functioning smoothly and meeting all standards. In 2003, Fort Lewis rewarded Evergreen with a multi-year contract to provide maintenance, repair and upgrades for all the facilities on base. The year 2003 was a breakout year in terms of growth for Evergreen – both for the company and its customer base. Soon, this small business that began in Washington State expanded into Alaska, Arkansas, and California. Evergreen was awarded contracts for security work at Fort Richardson, Alaska; Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas, and Los Angeles Air force Base, California. Many other government contracts located throughout the country followed. The company’s footprint was definitely on the move. In order to keep up with its increasing number of contracts, Evergreen hired, trained and certified skilled, experienced technicians, system engineers, managers, and other support staff. The company went from seven employees in 2003 to 40 employees in 2004. (The company now has 80.) Evergreen has also grown in skills, technology, and depth of resources. Evergreen now has 14 regional offices in eight different states, and has provided services to locations throughout the United States and overseas including Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. Throughout its history, Evergreen has kept up-to-date on all technologies, has developed working relationships with key manufacturers and other companies, and has continued to obtain certifications and dealerships in the systems that they work with. The owners' belief that Evergreen’s best resource is its staff, and they have supported that belief with a large investment in the recruitment, training and retention of top notch professionals who are experts in their fields. The fact that customers can rely on Evergreen to meet or exceed expectations is one of the reasons Evergreen has increased their customer base and retained all of their maintenance contracts for second and third multi-year awards. Evergreen also continues to receive positive feedback and recognition. For example, Evergreen has won many awards, including Dealer of the Year for Silent Knight Fire Alarm Systems and Security Solutions Partner of the Year and Enterprise Partner of the Year for MDI Security Solutions. The Fort Lewis Fire Department recognized Evergreen’s significant contribution to their earning the Installation Management Agency Fire and Emergency Services, fire Prevention Program of the Year and Department of the Army, Fire and Emergency Services, Fire Prevention Program of the Year. Today, Evergreen continues to provide sales, design, installation, maintenance, and administration services for fire alarm, mass notification, intrusion detection, access control, and CCTV systems. Our team’s commitment on keeping up the highest level of service for our customers is at the forefront of our way of doing business. Personnel and Certifications Our ability to recruit, train and retain the best personnel has allowed us to deliver a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. They are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certified on all versions of ICIDS I, II and III systems and several others; including but not limited to MDI (ICIDS II), DAQ (ICIDS I and III), Vindicator, and Honeywell ProWatch. Our staff with years of relevant experience, can be unescorted into secure areas such as vaults, SCIFS, and arms rooms; and are certified to work in chemical facilities. Additionally, our technicians are also certified trainers of ICIDS I, II and III (both operator and system administrator), which allows us to provide expert training for our customers. Our team is intimately familiar with every code and ordinance that affect our work and your environment. We provide our technicians with up to date training and retraining to keep current on the latest technologies and best practices. Our technicians participate with industry standard credentialing programs including NICET and city and state licenses. We work closely with the local authorities to ensure the proper protection of life and property and our methods are always in compliance with national and local codes. All of our technicians are licensed and NICET Certified in Fire Alarm Systems. Our technicians are members of the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Union, where continuing education is of the highest priority. We are factory trained on several national and international product lines, including EST, Silent Knight, and DSC Security products. Our contracted Central Station Monitoring facility is local, UL certified, and has an out of state duplicate facility to better serve our customers, providing a complete back-up facility. The Service and Inspection department conducts required periodical testing and inspections on an expansive selection of Fire Alarm Systems in a wide variety of structures including medical facilities, high rise buildings, industrial facilities, and many other properties including Military installations.

Contact name
Joquetta Ezell

Job description

Compliance and Facility Security Officer

JOB ID: 512649-607032

Job Description:



The Compliance and Facility Security Officer (CFSO) position is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining Evergreen’s compliance and security program to ensure all departments and team members comply with internal policies and procedures as well as government regulations, customer contract, PCI, and other applicable standards.    


The CFSO will manage Evergreen’s security program including physical and cyber security, visitor control, security clearance processing, classification management, asset protection, and control. The CFSO will provide measurable input to company processes or standards to achieve security objectives. 


The CFSO will serve as the subject matter expert for all security matters.  He/She must utilize their expert knowledge of industry practices, advanced techniques and solutions to develop standards and processes, and resolve compliance and security issues.  This individual plans, directs and coordinates activities relating to the protection, safeguarding and security of company assets, employees, affiliates and others.  The CFSO ensures established goals and objectives are accomplished within prescribed priorities, time limitations, and fiscal responsibilities.  He/she advises, makes recommendations, and assists in the formulation of goals and objectives.  He/she designs, implements and monitors security policies, procedures and programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and local legal regulations.  The CFSO exercises independent judgment in the course of carrying out overall responsibilities and other activities as assigned.


The CFSO must be a U.S. citizen, will have a Top Secret Clearance, and have experience as a Facility Security Officer (FSO) for commercial businesses.   They must be an expert in interpreting and ensuring Company compliance with related Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD), regulations including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP800-171, DoD 5220.22, National Industrial Security Program (NISPM), and DoD 5220.22-M, NISP Operating Manual (NISPOM)As the FSO they will supervise and direct security measures necessary for implementing applicable requirements of this NISPOM and related Federal requirements for classified information. The FSO shall complete security training as specified in complete security training considered appropriate by the CSA. 


In addition, this person must have a strong attention to detail, be well organized and be passionate about and motivate others to protect Evergreens, our partners, and our customers’ data.  The ideal candidate should have strong analytical and problem solving abilities. 


The CFSO is responsible for ensuring a Compliance Program is created, implemented, and maintained.  The CFSO will identify and utilize on-line software tools allowing input, recording, and reporting about audit (peer reviews) results and related metrics.  The reporting must provide evidence of each department and where it is and is not compliant.  It must also capture actions, action item owners, and estimated and actual completion dates to ensure they are addressed timely. 



  • Create, implement, and maintain compliance program for company.

  • Lead, partner, and collaborate with key department heads to ensure key policies are developed and that compliance program provides assurance that department and related staff are performing as required. 

  • Develop and implement program to include oversite and coordination of formal and informal “peer reviews” (internal audits conducted by departmental peers).

  • Develop and implement program to identify compliance issues, determine their root cause, and work with team to determine feasible operational solutions, related actions, and assign action owners responsible for addressing them.

  • Evaluate the risks level created by the identified deficiencies to aid Department Head and Leadership in prioritizing action plans.  

  • Capture, maintain, and report on results, related scores, action items, due dates, and owners from peer reviews. 

  • Automate communication about action item statuses with action owners, department heads, and executive to ensure timely and effective resolution. 

  • Assist with external/third party/vendor audits of Company and ensure complete, timely and compliant responses.


  • Track and manage Evergreen’s security program ensuring compliance with NIST SP800-171and other industry standards

  • Support all functions of the security department including training, risk identification, visit authorization, contractual documentation assessment, and foreign visitor procedures/access

  • Apply industrial security standards related to document handling and custodial duties; JPAS; ISFD; STEPP; NISS corporate and government installations; visitor group security administration; and security planning for classified meetings and conferences.

  • Cooperate with DoD, DSS, NISP, DISCO, DOHA, and federal investigators to ensure timely processing of employee documents;

  • Write and articulate security plans including SOPs, SPPs, policies and procedures.

  • Develops, maintains, and monitors adherence with company security policies and procedures to include inspections with DSS, DoD and other mandates.

  • Plan and develop security activities to ensure that company security policies and procedures comply with government standards

  • Plan and instruct in-house security education programs.

  • Ensure all appropriate personnel have attended security education programs and documentation to that effect is maintained as appropriate.

  • Develop, implement, and manage security requirements in support of the NISP and other security programs

  • Keep company leadership informed at all times of any suspected compromise to security systems

  • Own responsibility for physical security of assets including data to include, but not limited to: visitor management, access control, alarm accesses, and semi-annual testing with vendors.

  • Lead Corporate Insider Threat Program as the Insider Threat Program Senior Officials (ITPSO)


PHYSICAL SECURITY                                                                                     

  • Analyze and maintain appropriate levels of controls security documents and manuals.

  • Effectively execute physical and cyber security programs.

  • Ensure controls adequately secure all Company and affiliate perimeter and rooms holding assets and data requiring additional protection. 

  • Perform and report on results of periodic inspections of Evergreen’s facilities’ and their perimeters aimed at identifying security or safety incidents and anomalies, breaches, etc.

  • Ensure effective systems are in place that monitor and control access to facilities. 

  • Ensure compliance with corporate safety and security policies.

  • Identify, assess and evaluate risks through claims review, complaints and other data points and produce risk reports for senior management

  • Assist in preparation of emergency management and contingency planning

  • Evaluate current procedures and business practices and suggests changes.

  • Perform physical and oversee cyber security surveys.

  • Maintain inspection reports and records

  • Advise supervisor of deficiencies and remedial/disciplinary efforts to address deficiencies.

  • Conduct, supervise and prepare reports relating to internal investigations of any losses or violations of company regulations, policies and procedures;

  • Develop, implement and manage security training.

  • Assist in the implementation and administration of automated security systems.

  • Maintain records for periodic secure systems inspections with customer liaisons and other technical professionals.

  • Perform timely analysis and provide input about security, safety, and compliance matters related to Evergreen’s production and submission of presentations, proposals, and quotes as needed for security related matters

  • Supervise Assistant FSO who is the alternate for company personnel security clearance submission; maintenance and tracking of training requirements and facility clearance requirements


  • Act as primary liaison with outside agencies.

  • Interface with government inspectors on a regular basis.

  • Respond quickly and effectively implementing corrective action as required

  • Provide additional support to direct customers on a contract basis, generally related to personnel and contract security.

  • Ensure highest level of confidentiality when dealing with internal and external matters requiring it all times.

  • Communicate with executive leadership regarding matters of importance to the security of organization and/or its programs.

Required Experience:



  • Expert security knowledge and 2+ years of experience addressing Special Access Program (SAP) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) administration (even if CFSO’s clearance may not be at that access level).

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Security Professional Education Development (SPED) or Industrial Security Professional (ISP) certification

  • Must provide annual Security Training, Education and Professionalization Portal (STEPP) Training Transcript showing successful completion of the FSO Non-Possessing Facilities Curriculum.

  • Strong understanding and 5+ years of experience utilizing security procedures and security clearance processes.

  • Proven experience resolving security and/or clearance problems effectively

  • Proven experience supporting security requirements as a prime contractor and ensuring subcontractor security requirements are flowed down and met

  • Experience with DD254's and the coordination of clearances with prime and subcontractor security departments

  • Experience in oversight of document control, physical security, and badging/access control systems

  • Experience with Access Commander and/or other security databases.

  • Outstanding judgment and flexibility


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Strong computer skills (examples: Word, Excel, Project, and ERP system)

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • Ability to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and staff

  • Ability to work independently

  • Proven ability to build relationships and influence internal/external stakeholders

  • Sound understanding of business risk

  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical, operations, financial, HR, and other procedures as well as contracts, documents, government regulations, qualification and test reports, etc.

  • Ability to develop and present business presentations, reports and correspondence.

  • Resilient self-starter, able to work independently, comfortable with ambiguity and committed to leading, collaborating and partnering to deliver results

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

  • Flexible and adaptable to change, and willing to question the status quo

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Able to handle multiple and competing priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced environment with high attention to detail

  • Demonstrated decision-making and creative problem solving skills


  • Must be a US Citizen to qualify.

  • Must have or be able to gain a top secret clearance.

  • BA or BS degree or 4 additional years of work experience.

  • 5+ years of compliance program experience

  • 5+ years of physical security experience

  • 5+ years of proven experience administering security clearance levels including Top Secret status or 5+ years of applicable proven security clearance administration or specialized security certification. 

  • Experience writing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures

  • Professional risk assessment skills;

  • Formal compliance training must be taken on an annual basis

  • 5+ years of experience as an FSO for Top Secret facility

  • 3+ years of experience as an FSO for a company that has multiple DOD government customers requiring Secret and Top Secret clearances.

  • Considerable knowledge of Department of Defense (DoD) and physical security policies, programs, and requirements

  • Safety industry experience a plus



  • Moderate travel is required. 5-10% is normal for this position.




 Company Requirements

  • Must pass a pre-employment background investigation and drug screen;

  • Must pass random background investigations and drug screens for as required by the ownership and company policy;

  • Must be eligible for security clearance that may be required on a site-specific basis;